McGonnell & Gillatt client testimonials

All our vets strive to offer the best service possible - we all love a little appreciation.

We are proud to serve a wide range of equine-owning clients and aim to offer a superb service.

Here is just a sample of satisfied client feedback.

Tess Collings  September'18

The completely individual care empathy and humility of all the staff at McGonnelll and Gillatt is an inspiration to veterinary practice.  The staff have such a genuine love of horses it feels like a family support I can turn to from the moment I ring or the vet arrives.  

As an older person on a tight budget with an unusual and stubborn horse who has no financial value but is priceless to me we're given such respect care and support with every call or visit by wonderfully knowledgeable staff who are always happy to speak over the phone as if we're part of that family, guiding me through treatment with straight but sincere advice and dealing with the insurance claim as well as my nerves!.  Visits don't feel time restricted and there's always sincerity and a bit of humour for both my horse and I.  It's comforting to know even the very best veterinary care can be delivered by warm engaging people whether you have one or many and I'm touched by the genuine care my horse is shown.

Grace Muir - North Farm Stud, HEROS Charity - August'18 

North Farm Stud and HEROS Charity, which is based at the Stud have been using McGonnell and Gillatt for the past 5 years to do all their work which is vary varied.  The work ranges from breeding and stud work to general veterinary care.

North Farm Stud handles both TB mares for breeding and also Non-TB’s so we are dealing with both natural coverings and AI and we have found that the knowledge and attention to detail from McGonnell and Gillatt has been invaluable and the service given first class for both mares and foals. Together we have achieved some amazing results from getting difficult mares pregnant to treating a dummy foal on site here which was later sold as a yearling for 90,000g.

HEROS Charity rehomes ex-racehorses which often come in from racing with problems. McGonnell & Gillatt have worked with us to solve these problems so that the horses can have a useful life after racing and without spending fortunes to do so. They have very good mobile equipment and are forward thinking and in their approach to the different problems horses face.

We are extremely pleased to have forged a strong working relationship with them and would highly recommend their services. In fact we have done this many times with some of our horses that have been re-homed locally and also liveries who are based on site as North Farm Stud.

Petra Ingram August'18

I just want to express my thanks to your staff for giving great client service and having such a pragmatic approach. Twice this week I've been in contact about concerns with my two miniature Shetlands, both of which have been in good health over the past few years. Each time your office team have been understanding and your vets have been very pragmatic in their approach. They have given me confidence that appropriate action was being taken, the ponies welfare has been protected and costs carefully managed.

Beth Porter  January'18

I was recommended McGonnell and Gillatt by Rosie Moss as Andrew McGonnell has treated her horses for years.  I've owned my horse Darifa for five years and in the last two years she hasn't been herself whilst out competing. Andrew spent a good few hours with me examining her on the lunge, flexion and being ridden.  The diagnosis didn't sound great,  Andrew was very good at explaining my options. After xrays Andrew injected her back and recommended M&G muscle supplement which she is now an every day which has made a massive difference. A treatment plan was put into place which was explained in detail.  When Andrew re assessed,  he saw a massive improvement in her soundness and muscle development and suggested Acupuncture treatment. Eli from the practice came out who also was very helpful and clear with the procedure.  The difference in her when I first got back on was just unbelievable she was so much more powerful in her back and started to really use herself again.  I took her to our first elite show in Solihull where she performed really well.

When contacting the office a friendly voice always welcomes you and makes you feel at ease.  A great team and great service, nothing is ever too much, I would highly recommend the McGonnell and Gillatt team.  

Jennie Loriston-Clarke MBE, FBHS  NPS Dip (Catherston Stud, Over Wallop)

"We have found McGonnell &  Gillatt to be a very professional and caring practice, able to cope with all  situations. Continuity and communications are excellent and all being  equine specialists mean they have a good way of handling horses. They  have very up-to-date equipment for diagnosis on site, making this practice very  cost effective for us. Specialists in breeding, AI & embryo  transfers, pre-purchase vetting, lameness diagnosis & treatment and  emergency care means they cover all our needs.”

Helen Yeadon, Greatwood, Marlborough

"Richard Gillatt  of McGonnell and Gillatt has overseen and undertaken all of Greatwood’s  veterinary work since 2008. Over the years the Practice have helped me with  many and varied problems with the horses we have in our care.

As the leading  racehorse rescue charity, we can be referred welfare cases directly from World  Horse Welfare and RSPCA, and we can always rely on McGonnell and Gillatt to act  promptly and efficiently.  The team of  vets can be relied upon for the best attention and professionalism in sometimes  extremely difficult circumstances.

The nature of  Greatwood’s work means that our horses need particular care and attention to  detail. Many horses have left here for rewarding new careers solely because  long term problems have been ironed out with sometimes revolutionary new  techniques or medication. In addition, the portable diagnostic equipment means  that many conditions can be identified on site, thereby preventing expensive  and unnecessary travelling.  In circumstances  when it is not possible to maintain a horse’s quality of life, the kindness and  sensitivity of Richard and his team, is second to none.

There are other factors that lead me to highly recommend McGonnell and Gillatt; the advice always available at the end of the telephone, the efficiency of those who run  the office and the reliability and  promptness of call out.

Last but not  least, Richard and Andrew lead a friendly, professional and efficient  veterinary team just had Ellen Harris to see Amber - lovely lady, very thorough and friendly

Here is an  example of just one of the success stories:

Mister Trickster

Rescued late  December 2011 in extremely poor condition (1.5/5). He was suffering with  diarrhoea, a heavy worm burden and malnutrition. Under the careful guidance of  Richard and supportive therapy, his condition has improved and his prognosis is  good.

Sarah Jane Newton, Shalbourne 

"I would recommend McGonnell and Gillatt Veterinary Practice to anyone ....

They are not only extremely experienced, knowledgeable and caring vets, but they always seem to 'go the extra mile' for the clients and horses they work with. I can not thank them and the wonderful girls that run their office enough - they have been so supportive to both myself and my mare through some very stressful situations"